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25 años de “Coplas de Madrugá”

7 July, 2022 / 21:00h.



Martyrdom: voice
Chano Dominguez: piano
Horacio Fumero: double bass
William McGill: drums

In this year 2022, it will be 25 years since the release of the album “Coplas de madrugá”, the first album in history, of copla-jazz with Martirio and the Chano Domínguez trio (Javier Colina and Guillermo McGill) who had their 2nd part in “Acoplados”, the second copla-jazz album with the Chano Domínguez trio and the accompaniment of Bob Sands’ Big Band and the Radio Televisión Española Orchestra conducted by Adrian Leaper.

In the spring of 1996, in Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), these two artists got together at Chano’s house to give shape to the project they had in mind of musically uniting copla and jazz, genres of which they are lovers. and debtors, and that have accompanied their lives. Thus, after many days of work and concentration, hope and intuition, discoveries and doubts, they arrived at that happy union of jazz and copla in “Coplas de madrugá”, (1997).

On the other hand, our protagonists had the need to turn around a classic, which, like all those who pride themselves on being one, has several faces, several versions and ways of interpreting it. In this way they opened a range with another reading closer to jazz in terms of the musical and vocal interpretation of these songs, which were taken by other wickers in this field and also endowing jazz with priceless stories in lyrics, melodies, poetry and dramaturgy of the excellent authors of these jewels of Spanish music.