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18 December, 2021 / 20:00h.


An empty television set will soon be filled with cameras, lights, sound, councilmen, makeup artists, stylists, entertainers, presenters, musicians, dancers and singers who have come together to record a live program about the group, its most famous echo of all times: ABBA. With this plot premise, Barabu-Extresound presents a dramatized concert that will undoubtedly become an unforgettable experience for the viewer: ABBA LIVE TV.

It was the early ’70s, and the world of pop music needed a change. It was in Sweden where a group formed by two men and two women was born who would reach the top of the music scene, creating bestsellers that still remain in memory today … ABBA unleashed the madness of millions of fans around the world. Their catchy melodies, simple lyrics, and a recognizable sound of their own made this quartet one of the most important pop music groups of all time. Although their history begins in 1972, it was not until 1974 that they were known worldwide after participating in the Eurovision Song Contest.

ABBA LIVE TV is a dramatized concert tribute to the Swedish Abba quartet. This is not a simple tribute. Our intention is for the public to attend an unforgettable show, with a visually impressive and dramaturgically fun staging, where you can enjoy the best voices, impressive choreographies, with comical moments that will enliven a show full of fun and, above all, good live music.