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CANCELLED. BROUWER TRIO. 20th Anniversary. The essence and the intangible | Piano Trio, video and live painting / ensems 44

21 September, 2022 / 20:00h.

Price: Free

We regret having to inform you that, for reasons unrelated to the ADDA FOUNDATION, the concert is suspended.

sorry for the inconvenience

Jenny Guerra, violin
Carlos Apellaniz, piano
Elena Solanes, cello

Guest Artist: María Aranguren, live painting


J.J.Peña Aguayo | Cemítrico | 2009 |
Mauricio Sotelo | Tres silencios de luz | 2010 |
Gabriela Ortíz | Mambo Ninón* | 2022 |
Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann | La nuit éveille des fosforescences * | 2021 | 8’ Nuria Nuñez Hierro | A la deriva (esbozos de una isla) * | 2022 |
Voro García | Phoenicoperus | 2021 |
Leo Brouwer | El Oráculo de Ifá | 2012 | 

* Absolute premiere
All works are dedicated to the B3:Brouwer Trio

BROUWER TRIO.With more than 15 years of experience and performances in Europe, the United States and Latin America, B3: Brouwer Trio is one of the most outstanding current formations in the interpretation of contemporary repertoire in our country. His repertoire focuses especially on compositions by Spanish and Latin American authors. The formation takes its name in recognition of the Cuban composer, guitarist and director Leo Brower. Recently, the trio has opened up to multidisciplinary interaction (live painting, dance, theater…) and the use of electronics (video, stage lighting, sensors…). They will perform works by M. Sotelo, J.J. Peña Aguayo, L. Brouwer, N. Núñez Hierro, G. Ortiz, J. V. Grossmann and V. Garcia.

Program notes

The multidisciplinary project (music, video and live painting) The essence and the intangible, presented by the B3: Brouwer Trio on the occasion of its 20th anniversary and made up entirely of works dedicated to the group, offers us a metaphor on the life journey in the search for transcendence and spirituality, so intimately connected with the human condition. From some first works that link with the most primitive and earthly impulses of the human being, with resonances and rhythms linked to traditions connected with nature and the energy of mother earth, we navigate from darkness to light and hope, to reach the rebirth that reflects the phoenix and end in the maximum expression of spirituality, love for others and the awareness of belonging to the same humanity, unique and rich in its diversity.

Funded by the ENSEMS festival

Free entry, by invitation.

Reserve your ticket by sending an email with your name and surname and the people who will attend the concert to:

  • adda@diputacionalicante.es
  • Limited capacity,  2 tickets / person.Tickets will be confirmed and delivered one week before the concert.
  • Doors open 1 hour before the concert.
  • The use of a mask is recommendable
  • We have the Tourist Quality certificate for the management of security measures against the spread of COVID.