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CIRCARTE. Presentation party of the 13th edition.

30 September, 2022 / 19:30h.


Presentation party of the 13th edition of Circarte.

This year Circarte, the Contemporary Circus Festival of the province of Alicante, reaches its 13th edition. A very enigmatic number that, in our society, belongs to the language of the divine but also causes intrigue, since it is associated with facts bad luck.

We will pass under a staircase, black cats will cross everywhere, we will enter the theater dressed in yellow and with the wrong foot, but we bring you a solution: we will gather our best talismans of humor on a wooden stage.

An event never seen before in Circarte Are you ready to die laughing with us? Whatever happens, it will be unrepeatable.

At Festivaldecirco.com we will be revealing the artists of the comedy marathon and the rest of the #C1RCART3 program that will be held from October 6 to 23 in various municipalities in the province of Alicante.