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LA SPAGNA. “Concert over La Spagna”

18 November, 2022 / 20:00h.


Ramiro Morales, plucked string

Juan Carlos de Mulder,plucked string

Jorge López-Escribano, harpsichord and organ

Pablo Garrido, viola da gamba

Alejandro Marías, viola da gamba and direction

Three centuries of music Sopra La Spagna. Titles, in one way or another, allude to Spain. A program of Spanish music for viola da gamba composed in Germany, Flanders, Italy, England, France and Spain. Spain has been an important source of inspiration for music in very distant times and in very diverse ways, from the title of a mere plainsong to the musical nationalisms of the 19th and 20th centuries, passing through the folkloric elements that we find in the music of composers such as Domenico Scarlatti or Boccherini and for those dances that became Hispanic’s standard, such as the sarabande, the chaconne or the folía. This concert brings together an eclectic selection of Renaissance and Baroque music whose titles, in one way or another, allude to Spain.


Juan del Enzina (1468 – 1529). Sad Spain without venture Palace Songbook, (ss. XV-XVI)

Vincenzo Capirola (1474 – after 1548). Spagna seconda (The Capirola Lute Book, c. 1517)

Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro (c.1420 – after 1484). Falla con misuras (Perugia, Biblioteca Comunale Augusta, MS 431)

Francesco da Milano (1497 – 1543). Spagna (Cavalcanti Lute Book, 1590)

Antonio de Cabezón (1510 – 1566). Tres sobre la Alta (Music works for keyboard, harp and vihuela, 1578)

Heinrich Isaac (c.1450 – 1517). Agnus Dei (Missa La Spagna)

Francisco de la Torre (c.1460 – c.1504). Alta (Palace Songbook, ss. XV-XVI)

Diego Ortiz (c.1510 – c.1576). 6 Recercadas sobre La Spagna (Trattado de glosas, 1553)

Alejandro Marías & Ramiro Morales. Recercada sobre La Spagna (2020)

La Spagna. Españoletas (2020)

Francis Pilkington (c.1570 – 1638). The Spanish Pavane (John Welde Manuscript, ca.1600)

Tobías Hume (c.1569 – 1645). A Spanish Humor – The Lord Hayes Favoret (Poeticall Musicke, 1607)

Antoine Forqueray (1672 – 1745). La Portugaise (Pièces de violes, 1747)

Marin Marais (1656 – 1728). Sarabande à L’Espagnol (Deuxième libre de pieces de violes, 1701)

Marin Marais. Les Folies d’Espagne (Deuxème libre de piéces de viole, 1701).