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10 February, 2022 / 20:30h.


Les Luthiers returns to Alicante after 18 years to present their show “Viejos Hazmerreíres”, a fun compilation that brings together some of the most celebrated works of the Argentine group.

With the underlying theme of ‘Radio Tertulia’, will emerge new versions of Las majas del bergantín (nautical zarzuela), Who killed Tom McCoffee (serial music), Loas al baño de baño (sanitary work) or Pepper Clemens sent the messenger, nevertheless the reverend left the herd (ten-step), among others.

Moreover, it includes new works such as Receta Postrera, a culinary waltz performed with the “kitchen drum-set”, an informal instrument made up of 11 pans and 6 pots.

Les Luthiers is a group of Argentine musicians-actors-comedians named as so since one of the characteristics of their performances is the use of unusual self-made instruments. In 2017 they celebrated their 50th anniversary, awarded with the highest distinction by the Congress of the Argentine Republic: the ‘Honorable Mention for Deputy Juan Bautista Alberdi’ and the ‘Honorable Mention for Domingo Faustino Sarmiento’, as well as the ‘Premio Princesa de Asturias de Comunicación y Humanidades 2017, for their “critical mirror and a reference of freedom in contemporary society”.

Texts, music, arrangements and director: Carlos López Puccio, Jorge Maronna, Carlos Núñez Cortés, Marcos Mundstock and Daniel Rabinovich

The performers will be: Roberto Antier, Carlos López Puccio, Jorge Maronna, Tomás Mayer-Wolf, Martín O`Connor and Horacio Tato Turano.

Alternate performers: Pablo Rabinovich and Santiago Otero Ramos

During the tour period there may be changes in the cast, due to illness, personal matters or production reasons, in which case there will be replacements by the corresponding “alternates”. The production company reserves the right to carry out these changes.