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SUMMER 2022, VERANO 2022


19 August, 2022 / 20:00h.



Los Chicos del Coro in Concert, is a choir made up of more than 80 boys and girls from all over Spain, who come together to sing the magnificent story of a failed musician, who arrives at a boarding school as a teacher and begins an experience with his students that It will mark you for the rest of your life. A story of love, friendship, companionship and values through MUSIC.

The Choir of Los Chicos del Coro, made up of boys and girls carefully selected through an open casting call for all of Spain, is synonymous with talent. Raw talent, to discover and mold.

As for the repertoire of the concert, of course, there will be the precious themes that gave it the recognition of European cinema as the best music, with the translation and version by Pedro M. Villora, who transmits all the poetry and beauty of the message embodied in the incomparable melodies .