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LUMINA ENSEMBLE. “Escala de blaus”

17 September, 2022 / 20:00h.

Price: Free

Pablo de la Fuente Pastor, soprano saxophone

Javier Carrillos Cantó,alto saxophone

Isaac Verdú López,  tenor saxophone

José Antonio Suay, baritone saxophone

Óscar Martí Pachalt,percussion

Beatriz Serrano Bertos, cello

Alejandro García Peregrina, lights and sound


Ximo Cano (1963), Escala de Blaus. Celestí (2007) – 05:00

Àngela Gómez (1991), Psiquedèlic (2018) – 08:00

Ximo Cano (1963), Escala de Blaus. Opalí (2007) – 03:00

David Leal (1994), Escletxa (2022)* – 06:00

Ximo Cano (1963), Escala de Blaus. Marí (2007) – 06:00

José del Valle (1976), Perfil (2018)* – 09:00

Ximo Cano (1963), Escala de Blaus.Turquí (2007) 4:16

Iluminada Pérez (1975), Variacions il.lumina (2022)* (encargo del Institut Valencià de Cultura) 10:00 

Ximo Cano (1963) Escala de Blaus. Violat (2007) 4:46 

* Previews

Ensemble conceived by four saxophonists from two different generations who unite their various approaches to music and art. Its main objective is the dissemination of the repertoire composed from 1950 with an open perspective that adapts to the requirements of each proposal. Its programs mainly include works for saxophone quartet formation. However, the group is open to other instrumental combinations between the saxophonists themselves or with other acoustic, electronic or computerized instruments. Despite being a recently created formation, its components have extensive artistic and professional background that has led them to perform in numerous auditoriums, festivals and concert cycles both in Spain and in other countries.

LUMINA Ensemble proposes a concert with a suggestive repertoire, which values ​​newly created music written by Valencian composers.

The Valencian land and the sea make up an inseparable relationship for all its people. The blue that lasts all year in our sky and that is present in different shades in the Mediterranean is the identity element of a culture where music will act as the main means of expression. Newly created music that shows the thrust of Valencians as a living and dynamic society in today’s world. Music that presents avant-garde composers showing the musical tradition of the Valencian culture. Music that shows the strength of Valencian composers, vindicating their value and making their way in this new era full of possibilities. In short, music that shows the quality of compositions with a very high technical and artistic level.

Free entry, by invitation.

Reserve your ticket by sending an email with your name and surname and the people who will attend the concert to:

  • protocolo.adda@diputacionalicante.es
  • Limited capacity, max. 2 tickets / person.Tickets will be confirmed and delivered one week before the concert.
  • Doors open 1 hour before the concert.
  • The use of a mask is recommendable
  • We have the Tourist Quality certificate for the management of security measures against the spread of COVID.