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Miguel Poveda. “DIVERSO”

13 December, 2022 / 20:00h.


The only aim of this new album is to build bridges between the different cultures I have traveled through during these 33 years of musical career. An album that defines my philosophy of life and art, from the most absolute respect for tradition and with the need to strengthen ties and seek the multiple links of union with different music from various countries that have been and are, inspiration in this walk with my musical axis which is Flamenco from the most absolute freedom.

In this new record work, I wanted to travel through different types of music in America without giving up being myself. My musical diversity corresponds to having grown up in a flat in Badalona (Barcelona) where I listened to The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bambino or Juan Villar among many others. I was born Catalan in a mostly Andalusian and Extremaduran neighborhood.

My youth was spent in Peñas Flamencas and when I turned 20 I began at the Taller de Músics to live with musicians from all possible disciplines and to make contact with Catalan culture. I have participated in cinema, theater and I have been trained in a multicultural Barcelona. I am a lover of tango, ranchera, bolero as well as cante por soleá. That is why in these times when so many people insist on labeling things and radicalizing themselves in any matter, I feel the need to express myself in a different way at all levels, without fear, without barriers or borders of any kind. and I reaffirm myself in my status as an artist hungry to continue nourishing myself in the different cultures of this planet. In this musical journey I have also wanted to reinforce my social commitment with the sole and humble intention of raising awareness in the new generations, from the most absolute love to the beauty and diversity of our planet.