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MIGUEL RÍOS “The Black Betty Trío”

16 July, 2021 / 21:00h.


The “ByeByeRíos” tour and the surprising and unexpected “SymphonicRíos” were a sweet farewell. It is in June 2020 when Miguel Ríos announces the good news in the midst of the global pandemic: HE COMES BACK, and he does it together with “The Black Betty Trio”, his new band with whom he publishes “El blues de la tercera edad“, the first unreleased song in 12 years and later his second single, “La Estirpe de Caín“, where he reflects on the pandemic and the most fragile aspects of our system.


Tireless rocker, Miguel Ríos thus begins a new stage with “The Black Betty Trio”, launching a new album in spring of 2021 and will tour the main Spanish stages, celebrating as well his 77th birthday.

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