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Castell Vermell d’Ibi Music Workshop

13 March, 2022 / 13:00h.


25 years giving the note


1st Part:

José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana – Muro (1971). MURUM. (Murera rhapsody)


Artie Shaw – Nueva York (1910 – 2004). CONCERT FOR CLARINET

(Jazz concert for clarinet). Solo clarinet: Javier Bernabeu Pina


L. van Beethoven – Bonn (1861 – 1927). SYMPHONY NO. 6 “Pastoral” (I Mov.)

Arr.: Benedicto Ripoll Martínez – Ginés Sanjuán Martínez


 Carlos Montesinos Parra – Ibi (1991). ELS REIS JOGUETERS

(March for parade of Three Kings)

2nd part:

 Pablo Sorozábal – San Sebastián (1897 – 1988). LIVED ALONE(*)

(Romance from the operetta “Katiuska”) Arr. Ginés Sanjuán


José Serrano Simeón – Sueca (1873 – 1941). MARINELA, MARINELA (*)

(From the zarzuela “The Song of Forgetting”) Arr. Ginés Sanjuán


Óscar Navarro González – Novelda (1981). LIBERTADORES

(Symphonic poem)


José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana – Muro (1971). BEKIRENT FANFÀRRIA

(Fanfare for soprano, dulzainas, metals and percussion)

Dolo soprano: MarinaRomán Munuera

Conductor: Ginés Sanjuán Martínez

Free entry, by invitation.

🔵 Reserve your ticket by sending an email with your name and surname and the people who will attend the concert to:

  • protocolo.adda@diputacionalicante.es
  • Limited capacity, max. 2 tickets / person.Tickets will be confirmed and delivered one week before the concert.
  • Doors open 1 hour before the concert.
  • The use of a mask is mandatory
  • We have the Tourist Quality certificate for the management of security measures against the spread of COVID.