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Victor Manuel. 75 ANNIVERSARY TOUR

28 December, 2022 / 20:00h.


“Life made into songs. The stage cures it all”

LIFE IN SONGS (The stage cures everything) aims to encompass, summarize, long years of songs and the road. From “I am a heart stretched out in the sun” to “The mermaid” “Planta 14” “Grandpa Vitor” “Paxarinos”, from “I only think of you” to “The mother” “Luna” “Ay amor” “Small song” , from “Cuélebre” to “Nothing tastes as sweet as your mouth” “Cross your arms” “Up there to the North” “I say Spain”, from “Danza de San Juan” to “I will never be a broken toy” “Who put more ” “Dancer” or “Leave me alone”, from “The railwayman’s son” to “How am I going to forget” “Where will the kisses go” “Nothing new under the sun” or “Your mouth a white cloud”…

The stage heals everything, subtitle of the concert, is a verse from “I will never be a broken toy” song that Ana and I sang in “For tenderness there is always time” (1986). Indeed, the scenario cures everything except the incurable. Having said this and having come this far, one would appreciate it if gently, before the hinges make more noise, the beloved public was warning us when we should go home, although it always acts as an implacable judge, when you put a ticket on sale and not they buy… That should be the definitive signal for anyone. Although the truth is very sad, what has no remedy…

Where have I heard this…?