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ARCANO: Guillermo Rodríguez, better known as Arkano, a native of Alicante, a computer engineer, came to become known in 2009, crowning himself “National Champion of the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos” at just 15 years old and entering through the front door of the national rap scene.

Currently, his figure has transcended beyond Hip-Hop culture. His appearances on television stand out, as Melendi’s advisor on the La Voz Kids program and with his own program, Proyecto Arkano, in which he helps 6 young people channeling their fears and concerns through rap.

His latest milestone has been the release of the new official tune of the Vuelta Ciclista España 2019. Otro intento más”, produced by Pablo Cebrián, was the first rap in history to become the music that accompanied the Vuelta Ciclista España.

He is considered on the scene as one of the best freestylers in the world, a fact that he supports with the title of International Champion of the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos 2015 and the Guinness World Record of improvisation of rhymes without stopping, achieving the mark of 24 hours 34 minutes and 27 seconds. This challenge was followed worldwide by more than 1.7 million people (Red Bull TV) and witnessed at Puerta del Sol in Madrid by some 30,000 people. Moreover, at 26, Arkano is recognized not only in the musical scene, but also for his involvement in various social causes, which has made him an opinion leader that transcends beyond the genre in which he shines.

In addition to his innate talent, he stands out for breaking with the established. He is capable of appearing in a final before 8,000 people and competing disguised as a lion as a form of protest against the stereotypes and labels that are normally associated with the musical genre that he dominates, rap.

With this desire for social change and his passion for the genre, Arkano has been able to take his rhymes not only throughout Spain, but to different parts of the world, such as Argentina, Chile, Panama, Mexico or Peru, thus generating powerful support and impact on the Latino community.

CHICO MALO: Spanish composer and singer born in Monóvar (Alicante). At just 3 years old, he already dared to go on stage to sing “Corazón Partío” by Alejandro Sanz.

In 2013 he began his university studies in Madrid choosing the double career of Law and Business Administration.

He looked up to artists such as Juan Gabriel, Joaquín Sabina, Luis Miguel, Santana, Los Secretos, Jarabe de Palo or Vetusta Morla.

CHICO MALO released (September 2017) his first album “UN BUEN AÑO” with 11 songs writen by him and produced by Jesús Yanes with Madrid label Magnitud Creativa Records. A work where Spanish pop prevails with Mediterranean sound and Latin touches. His first title single, like the album “Un buen año”, is consolidated within the music market, leading to a tour of the most important cities in Spain.

In April 2018, his new song “100 times” was released, on which Café Quijano collaborated, and his CD “Un buen año” was published once again along with the new single. During the summer of 2018 he performed more than 20 concerts in venues such as El Molino (Barcelona), Hard Rock (Madrid) and Stereo (Alicante) and as the closing act for international artists such as Juanes, Jorge Drexler and David Bisbal. In February 2019 he launched “Este Amor Prohibido”, and in May of the same year he released “La Culpa” a collaboration with the Colombian singer Pedrina (known as “Enamorada”), with a great success both in Spain and Colombia. In 2020, Chico Malo has released 4 singles: No Hay Remedio, Mi Alma es Revolución (ft. Crislo), Cuando las Noches son Eternas and Tú Me Gustas, the latter having a collaboration with the Bombai group that inspires summer and good vibes.

BOMBAI: the Valencian group whose members are Javi (Voice), Vicente (Electric Guitar) and Ramón (Acoustic Guitar), three friends with a lot of passion and years of music behind them who got together to write songs with the idea of ​​forming a group that reflects their tastes and influences, which range from pop-rock to reggae or more independent music. His themes reflect straightforward joy and hope.

They became known to the general public with their single ” Solo si es contigo”, a fresh and positive song with a pop-rock sound and a fine reggae touch that had the collaboration of Extremadura-born singer Bebe. Written by Bombai, recorded at the MG Estudios in Madrid, and produced by José Luis De La Peña, Juan Guevara and Felipe Guevara, “Solo si es contigo” reflects the unique and personal image of the group.

The musical and audiovisual projects in which the group is currently working are linked to certain values. Bombai uses music as a vehicle for a message that seeks to improve the world we live in.

In their first months they have managed to be played on the radio, one of their songs being the tune of 99.9 Valencia Radio, one of the local stations with the highest audience. They also presented their single and their first songs at Fnac in Madrid, and this is just the beginning of what they hope will be a long musical and personal experience.

SHAKIRA MARTÍNEZ: She has become one of the revelation artists in the last year. Now the young artist goes one step further and presents her first single ” Pensando en tu sonrisa”.

Flamenco has always been present in her life since she was little. She is the granddaughter of the well-known flamenco singer and ballet dancer Lina Vargas. Shakira Martínez began singing at the age of 7 and at 8 she entered the world of theater. With a varied repertoire going from the ‘Saeta del Cristo de los Gitanos’ to ‘Orobroy’, the singer has shown her versatility.

Artists such as Alejandro Sanz and Antonio Orozco have spoken highly of her music and peculiar charisma. Now the time has come to present “Pensando en tu sonrisa”. The song has been produced by Paco Ortega and Johny Lozano, who have worked with artists such as Niña Pastori, Alejandro Sanz, Paco de Lucía and Stevie Wonder, and it has been recorded at Musigrama studios in Madrid.

After signing last July for Warner Music, the Elda-born does not stop working. Last August she appeared in the documentary ‘El mundo fuera, la película’ by Alejandro Sanz. Coming soon, she will start a tour that will bring her throughout the Spanish geography, and it is not ruled out that she’ll visit some other countries. Shakira Martínez’s musical career has only just started.

SANDRA GROVE: Passionate about music, with a warrior and transgressive character, Sandra Groove is a fighter when she goes on stage and natural and without any filters when the lights go out. When that happens, you get what you see. Her tattoos, irresistible for her, are the trace of life, that of her present and her past. On her skin, her life motto, “love yourself first”, is what is truly important. Her earrings are an unmistakable hallmark, as is the power and tear that appear between musical notes when we listen to her.

Although music has become a passion for her that she can hardly let slip from her life, when she was a child it was not something that was part of her plans. “Actually when I was little I never said that I wanted to be a singer, I always said other kinds of things: vet, midwife… until I realized that I was apprehensive about blood. I imagine I was forced to change the plan”. But there came a time in Sandra’s life when something changed, she was no longer interested in those activities that her parents had signed her up for.

She realized what she really wanted to do and so she let his mother know. “When I was 14 years old, I realized that I sang well and I asked my mother: – Mom, I want to stop swimming because I want to sign up for singing lessons. My mother was freaking out because she didn’t even know that I liked to sing. The first day she came to see me, she cried like a little girl”.

Sandra Groove’s music will always be faithful to those influences that she considers as references such as Amy Winehouse or Alicia Keys, but above all faithful to her essence to that R&B style so personal that she never considers to abandon. “A song with different chords, maybe even a bit dark… and powerful in the chorus. A real Sandra Groove’ sound. Many people who listen to the songs I write tell me that it reminds them of a mix between Amy and Imagine Dragons, because of the style of one and the power in the choruses of the other. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I don’t think it’s a bad mix ”.

BRUNO ALVES: a live singer who has his own ideas and who captivates by having an instinctive sense of the performance. The young man focuses on the power of his voice that grows with his energetic and musical delivery on stage, where he takes advantage of his mastery of percussion. We are facing a very complete and talented artist.

Bruno Alves has worked very hard to get to where he is now. He had to make the most important sacrifice to begin his path in the world of music: getting away from his family. His parents were forced to emigrate to England, while he decided to try his luck in Madrid. Always a fighter, hard worker and with a great passion for art. Bruno has a very strong bond with his parents who always accompanied him along the way, if not physically, in soul. In fact, it was his father, who is a percussion teacher, who told him that music is healing and necessary.

Bruno has participated in parades and batucadas. He studied percussion and singing at the Royal High School of Dramatic Art in Madrid. A training that he has complemented with piano, drums and guitar. Before joining OT, he was part of the TOOM PAK group, a reference in the field of percussion. In addition, he has worked as a waiter, carpenter, and mover.


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